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A hotel project sunk in a disused quarry in China opens its doors to a clientele on Thursday, November 15. The world's first ground-floor hotel, which plunged 88 metres into an old quarry on the outskirts of Shanghai, will be opened to the public on Tuesday. A hotel in dilapidated quarries across China is opening its doors to some of its most well-heeled clientele on Thursday (15 November).

The 17-story underground hotel is about an hour's drive from central Shanghai and costs from 3,400 yuan ($668) a night, or $1,200 for a two-night stay. IHG has signed a management agreement with Shanghai 21st Century Hotel Co., for the future Regent Shanghai Pudong and today announced plans to operate three 800-room hotels. Rooms are priced between 3 and 394 yuan per night, with a maximum suite price of over $14,000 and butler service.

The three hotels will be part of the Landmark International Commercial Center, located in the center of Changzhou. The first two hotels, the Regent Shanghai Pudong and the Shanghai 21st Century Hotel, opened in late 2008, and 288 are scheduled to open in 2011. Of these three, 208 are under construction or are scheduled to open in 2011, with a total of 1,500 rooms.

The luxury hotel is Not only a dazzling design concept, but also one of the most environmentally friendly accommodations in China. It has a comprehensive sustainability programme and was built to prevent the use of fossil fuels in construction and operation, and it is based on a 100% renewable energy basis. The Regent Shanghai Pudong and the Shanghai 21st Century Hotel in Changzhou are also due to be completed successfully in November 2018 and made accessible to the public.

The British architect Martin Jochman, who designed the hotel, is also responsible for the design of the world's first luxury hotel, which has a structure similar to the sails of a ship. The Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental, originally designed by the same British company, was originally designed by them. In 2008, the project was nominated for the World Architectural Festival Prize in Barcelona and in 2011 it won the Gold Prize at MIPIM Asia in Hong Kong for the Chinese Future Building.

The 18-story Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland features an underwater suite that looks like a large aquarium, while guests on the other level have access to the world's largest indoor pool and spa. The hotel, one of the increasingly bold architectural designs emerging in China, nestles against a pit wall on one side and a waterfall on the other. A skyscraper being built in southwest China this year features a 108-metre waterfall that falls on one side.

The hotel opened in November last year and so far most of its guests have been locals and Shanghai residents who have checked in to the architectural wonder away from the hustle and bustle. The InterContinental Club lounge is located on the same floor, but there are two separate lounges, one for guests and the other for employees. It features a swimming pool, a spa and fitness centre, a dining room, a bar and a fitness centre, as well as a spa and gym.

People would be confused at the hotel, whether they were going on a cave adventure or staying in a luxury hotel. There is no doubt that this hotel is a destination in itself, but it is different from the hotels you visit, for example in the Bund or the French Quarter. Songjiang is a satellite city much closer to the city centre, with existing transport infrastructure and many restaurants and shops.

This is the People's Republic of China, where it is not impossible to accept that it could take a little longer than usual. So it came to pass I thought I had made a grammar mistake when it was actually the case that I One mistake - people in China usually have no problem with what I say.

The Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental is scheduled to open later in 2018, but the reservation system is currently unavailable. IHG is also undergoing renovations at the InterContinental Hong Kong and plans to reopen it as a Regent's Hotel in 2021. The New Regents Hotel is scheduled to open in Vietnam later this year and in the United States in 2020, and plans are in place to open one New York-style hotel in America later this year and another in Australia in 2022.

In August 2006, the design and engineering firm Atkins was awarded the contract to design the hotel for the Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental, the first of its kind in China. The Chinese developer Shimato, and their vision is to turn it into a reality.

Shanghai Shimao Group will develop and invest in the structure, while the InterContinental hotel group will manage the completed property. Top Spring Group has entered into a strategic partnership with IHG to provide access to the world's largest portfolio of hotels, resorts and resorts in China.

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